[2018 HOT Discount] Bathmate Review – Does It Work?

A Pumping Revolution?

No matter what they say, size does matter. If your girlfriend says otherwise; she’s probably just being polite. There’s no other reason that penis enlargement techniques spanned several generations, from the time people hung weights on their dongs to the time everyone started buying discreet pumps.

But while everyone agrees that bigger is better, not too many people mention the other side of the quest for size. Specifically, the dangers therein — how an unassuming little pump with a new-fangled action can ruin your adult life for years to come. Those who are aware of this fact are very careful to choose products that perfectly balance efficiency, safety, and comfort.

And for many people, this product comes from Bathmate.

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The UK company took the male world by storm back in 2006 with the launch of its Hercules product. After this success, the company also launched the Goliath variant, which ups the ante in the world of male enhancement. Other variants such as the Bathmate Hydromax X20, X30, X40 and Xtreme are also made available. Billed as “the ultimate male workout”, Bathmate beats the competition by providing an effective and easy-to-use alternative to traditional pumps.

Bathmate products use the Hydromax Hydropump technology to do its job. The pumps are driven by the pressure of water, which provides both a stronger suction and a more comfortable cushion around your penis. Usage is as easy as wearing the pump in the shower and working it for 15-20 minutes every day or every other day. After around two months of use, you will be getting an additional 2-3 inches permanently!

The magic happens on two fronts. First, the water pressure that applies to your penis is stronger than that of any conventional penis pump. And yet, you’re not getting any soreness because of the excellent pressure distribution that water provides. Hence, you won’t be getting too sore to use your tool at night.

Second, the prescribed usage is very simple — unlike jelqing and stretching and others, you don’t have to yank and squeeze all day just to get results. While Bathmate still recommends to do the “exercise” daily to maintain penile health, it will be okay if you miss a day or two — your dingdong won’t be shrinking back like a released rubber band.

The Cautionary Part 

However, like everything else, Bathmate products need to be used correctly before they can do their thing. This means, you must not pass up on the manual when you get one of their discreet little shipping boxes.

But even before you get there, it is important to choose the right pump variant. Using the Goliath, for example, is overkill for a first-timer. Over-using it is even worse.

Many users are also having problems with getting a proper seal when they begin using the product. This can lead to a very uncomfortable first session. Bathmate provides quite a few adjustable parts in their products (mostly the strap), and it might take a minute of tinkering around to get to your comfort zone.

If you are one of those with a little extra foreskin on the member, then you will have to be extra careful. Bathmate should have mentioned it in the manual, but when the pressure is on, the pump will also start sucking all the loose skin. Too much pumping can suck your testicles in, killing off all enthusiasm.

And of course, make sure that the water temperature is just right. Some users have accidentally used too hot water for their pumping sessions. Hot water causes blood vessels to dilate, pulling in more blood than usual. That, plus the pumping motion, can make you pass out in the shower. It’s not fun having your mom or wife find you spread-eagled on the bathroom floor, with that alien contraption on your john.

Miles Ahead 

When you follow all these precautions, you will find that Bathmate products are miles ahead of any other thing in the market. Each part is precision-engineered, and the materials are certified skin-safe by Aspen Clinical Research. It also prevents potential problems such as swelling and soreness, and the inherent danger of nerve damage that can occur while jelqing.

On the other hand, Bathmate products help improve penile health by improving the circulation to this important organ. Even flaccid size can increase after about a week of use (though this isn’t permanent yet, at this stage). Girth grows as well as length, and erections grow harder and longer.

Bottom line is, Bathmate products work wonderfully. As long as you follow all instructions and don’t get too crazy with the pumping, results are noticeable in just a few days. Unlike other products that promise unreasonable results, Bathmate has all the science behind its claims. There’s a reason why it has made a name for itself in its niche — it has a legion of happy customers rooting for it.

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