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All men dream of becoming alpha males. They dream of becoming the leader in everything – at home, at work, and even in bed.

But how can you be in charge when you have a teeny problem in your nether regions?

Male Extra is here to help you with your woes in the erection department, and finally reward you with a thrilling sexual experience in the bedroom.

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What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra has been formulated with natural and potent ingredients designed to give you bigger and harder erections, and greatly make your sexual performance better.

Aside from this, the health supplement is also known for the following benefits:

  • It can enlarge your penis up to 2 inches in length
  • It can boost your sexual drive
  • It can give you harder, better, and longer erections

How Male Extra Works

The makers of Male Extra wanted to give you something new and different – that is an increased dosage in the pure form of pomegranate, 500mg of this ingredient, to be specific, to provide you better, harder, and longer erections.

It also works together with niacin, which actively maintains the health of the mucous membranes so that you don’t get tired easily.

On the other hand, pomegranate ensures that your penis not only becomes bigger, but it also becomes harder.

With the double action from 500mg of pure pomegranate and niacin, Male Extra is definitely your partner in making things extra special in bed.

There are other things to know about Male Extra, too. Despite it being a new product in the market, it has already gained a huge following from all parts of the globe.

This adds to the supplement’s appeal – it must be really effective to keep a throng of men asking for more.

Because Male Extra uses natural ingredients, there has been no record of side effects from its loyal customers. All the testimonials and results from Male Extra are also backed up by continuous research and scientific tests – guaranteed to be fool-proof and really safe.

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Benefits & Cons

So why should you buy and try Male Extra? Here are just a few of the reasons?

  • You get a larger and longer penis. This also means a better and more satisfying sexual performance.
  • The ingredients also make sure you get quick results.
  • There are no chemicals infused with the product so this is safe for your body. There are no side effects associated with the health supplement.
  • You have an increased level of sexual drive and greater amounts of energy in bed.
  • Your penis will never be limp anymore because of the increased level of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.
  • No palpitations whatsoever. It can be taken by any man at any age.

Meanwhile, there are disadvantages associated with the product too, such as:

  • The price. Male Extra costs more than $60, and it could be heavy on the pocket if you take an average of 3 capsules a day. But then again, it’s all up to you and how much you want to improve your sexual performance.
  • You have to exercise and eat right to maximize the results of Male Extra. It doesn’t really work on its own. So people, Male Extra is not your overnight capsule.

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra is made up of natural or herbal ingredients, which have been tested to be safe for any consumer. These ingredients are the following:

  1. Niacin. It gives you harder, better, and longer erections – a plus in the bedroom.
  2. Pomegranate. It makes the product more effective and provides you more energy with its 500mg pure form;
  3. L-Arginine. It speeds things up and improves the blood flow to your penis, so you have better erections;
  4. Cordyceps. This boosts your sexual drive for a long-lasting enjoyment and bedroom performance;
  5. Zinc. This ingredient actively keeps your sperm cells healthy;
  6. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM). This ensures the overall health of your penis.

These ingredients have been added to Male Extra and even if they were increased in dosage, the only changes you’ll see are positive ones — your penis neither becomes limp nor tired no matter how many rounds of sex you have, so you and your partner can have the best night ever.

Male Extra Deals

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Male Extra greatly changes what you think about yourself and sex. It is your greatest ally in bed so all you’ll think about is endless sex and wild abandon.

Check out their website or call up their hotline to know more about the supplement, and to get freebies and other discounts.

Should you be not satisfied with the outcome, you can avail of the 60-day money-back guarantee the manufacturer offers to all its customers.


Male Extra Score
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Value

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