Niacin Max Review: Don’t Buy Niacin Max! WOW! Shocking Review

niacin max

Unleash Your Body’s Full Potential with NiacinMax

Niacin Max is a supplement designed to enable your body to reach its full potential in terms of physical performance. It is a supplement that helps enhance your body’s capabilities such as recovery and muscle development.

  • This supplement increases the rate of oxygen circulation in the body. The higher oxygen count in your blood flow will help you distribute energy throughout your body so that it can perform at its peak condition. It will help you tap into your inner beast and help you improve your physical capabilities.
  • It also increases the production of human growth hormone by over 600%.  This means that your muscle growth and your body’s recovery rate will be faster and more efficient. This also aids you in fat burning which further enhances your chances of achieving your ideal physique. You can get back to your training faster even if you are training twice as hard.
  • It also helps in increasing the production of red blood cells and optimizes blood flow. This leads to a better and more efficient distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. This also helps in reducing fatigue and maintaining a high level of energy.

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How This Product Works

Unlike most supplements, Niacin Max is a strip that you place under your tongue. This is a lot different from typical supplements that are in tablet or capsule form. Once you place a strip under your tongue, it melts in a matter of seconds and is absorbed quickly by your body. This process also eliminates the possibilities of getting an upset stomach which is a common side effect of supplements that travel through the digestive system. This is also the fastest way to distribute the nutrients throughout your body.

This supplement must be taken once a day, first thing the morning. You can wait 3-5 hours after taking it so that your delayed HGH-release start to take effect which will maximize the its effect. However, if you are doing a more strenuous training regimen, you can take a second dose 3-4 hours before you go to bed. This way, you can benefit from a more powerful release of HGH while your body is naturally recovering while you sleep.

Pros and Cons


  • One of the main advantages that Niacin Max has over other supplement is its faster and more efficient way of reaching your metabolism. Traditional supplements, be it in pill, powder, or liquid form have to travel through your digestive system before reaching your bloodstream and cells. This niacin supplement avoids all that. This eliminates the 2 to 4 hour interval before traditional supplements take effect.
  • It helps in your body’s faster recovery after training sessions. The increased production of HGH will surely help repair damaged muscle tissues. In addition to that, developing your ideal body type will be a tad easier since it also helps in fat burning and muscle growth.
  • Your body’s physical capabilities are enhanced without ever needing to resort into dangerous substances. The increased production of red blood cells and a more optimized blood flow ensures that nutrients and oxygen delivery is improved. This also affects your brain functions since increased oxygen flow will help you improve your reaction time and other cognitive functions.


Niacin Max has no side effects. Unlike other supplements that can irritate the lining of your stomach, it does not have the same effect because of its unique tongue strip release system. However, niacin itself can have unusual interactions with your body. This is called the “Niacin Flush”. The Flush is the natural reaction of the body towards the niacin. This makes the skin red and hot and can be accompanied with itchiness. You will also feel a tingling sensation on different parts of your body. This side effect is uncomfortable but harmless. It will go away after 10 minutes and you can continue on with your day. Over time, your body will get used with the niacin and the flushes will not happen as often.

This supplement must be taken according to your training’s intensity. There is no need for your body to increase your body’s HGH release if you are not going to exert that much energy through activities. A single dosage will be suffice for a normal day with minimal to average amount of training or activities. The maximum dose that can be taken is two strips if you live a very active lifestyle. Taking more than two strips is not advisable.

Niacin Max Price

The supplement comes in bundle offers. Since the usual dosage is one strip a day, the smallest order you can make is for a month’s supply. There are a several bundles that can save you a lot of money. The prices and sizes of order is as follows:

  • 30 Strips = $39.99
  • Buy 60 Strips (Get 30 Strips FREE) = $79.98
  • Buy 90 Strips (Get 60 Strips FREE) = $119.97

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All of these come with free shipping. The free strips will save you as much as $129. In addition to that, if you are happy with the effects of the supplement, you can opt in to the Auto-Refill option. This option will replenish your stock every 4 or 6 weeks depending on your choice. This is a great way to ensure that you do not run out of this niacin supplement.

In addition to that, if you choose to have the auto-refill option, a free gift will be included which can be a shaker bottle, Capsiplex Sport pre-workout supplements, or a bottle A-Z Multivitamins with 30 capsules in it. You can always opt out of the auto refill subscription but there is almost no reason to do so. 

Is There a Niacin Max Coupon?

There is no Niacin Max coupon code required to receive this above deals.

67 Day Money Back Guarantee

This supplement went through years of research and hard work in order to come up with the perfect formula. Therefore, a 67 day money back guarantee is confidently offered to ensure customers that they will never regret their decision to buy Niacin Max. If you ever decide to return the product because you simply feel it doesn’t fit your needs, then you will be issued a full refund.

Where to Buy Niacin Max

This is exclusively sold online via the official website Fortunately, you can order this from anywhere in the world. The delivery service is completely free no matter where you live. The manufacturers of this supplement want to reach everyone who needs an edge for their workouts and training.   Niacin Max is a risk free and high reward supplement that presents no harmful effects to the body. Check out also Crazy Bulk and find out if there is a Crazy Bulk coupon code.

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