[THE BEST!?] PhenQ Buyer’s Guide & Discount Offer 2018

The Best Slimming Brand? SAFE and Effective Fat Burner?

You have been dreaming of that sexy body for so long, but despite trying a lot of brands on the market, you seem to be lost.

It’s not because you cannot attain your dream body; it’s simply because you have not tried PhenQ yet.

With PhenQ, you get a gorgeous body without the side effects. You can be sure that you are ingesting a safe pill that burns the fat in your body in a healthy way.

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PhenQ can produce the best results, regardless of who is taking the pill. It focuses on your weight loss and is packed with natural ingredients that help burn the body fat and suppress the appetite so you control what you are eating. PhenQ also works fast – in a span of a few months of regular intake, you will see noticeable results in your figure. The ingredients in PhenQ have been tested by the FDA in the US and the UK, and they were found to be safe and effective. The pill also contains the patented formula a-Lacys Reset that helps your metabolism work faster than before. This formula allows you to burn more calories when working out.

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How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ was designed to do the following:

  • It controls your urge to eat so you don’t pack on pounds.
  • It burns the fat stored in your body by accelerating your metabolism rate. You get a sexy body in no time!
  • It blocks fat production in your body. No more weight gain.
  • It improves your energy levels and mood so you feel better with each day – no more inexplicable hormonal changes whenever the pill works.
  • You are sure that you are taking only natural and safe ingredients that have passed international standards.

PhenQ Pros & Cons

PhenQ works with all body types so you don’t have to worry about any hormonal changes and mood swings. It promises to deliver the following:

  • A better and slender figure. You get a sexier body in just a few months.
  • Fat is burned in your body faster.
  • You have more control of what you eat, and when you eat because your appetite is suppressed.
  • Your body blocks the fat.
  • You have increased energy levels and a better mood as you take the pill for a longer time.
  • You get your money back if it fails to deliver satisfying results.

The product has its shares of cons too:

  • It can be more expensive than other brands, but you can count on PhenQ’s effectiveness.
  • Results aren’t seen overnight so you have to exercise and eat healthy too.

PhenQ Ingredients

Aside from the patented formula a-Lacys Reset, PhenQ also contains the following natural and healthy ingredients that aid you in your journey to a sexier body.

  • Capsimax Powder, a blend of Vitamin B3, caffeine, capsicum, and piperine to help you lose weight by increasing your body heat. The powder helps you burn more fat with every movement, and it also stops the body from forming new fats.
  • Calcium Carbonate, for strong and healthy bones, and healthy cells too. It helps in decreasing the fat from your body.
  • Chromium Picolinate, found in whole grain, vegetables, and meat; and is also known to suppress your hunger pangs for carbs and sugar. It also controls your blood sugar levels and boosts your energy level instead.
  • Caffeine, the all-around stimulant that aids in the loss of fat and increases your focus and mental alertness. This ingredient combats fatigue and improves your general performance – physically and mentally. It does away with those cellulites as well.
  • Nopal, a substance that is rich in fiber and helps control hunger. It gives you the energy that you need for your activities, thanks to the amino acids present in it. It flushes out the fluid retained because of the sodium you get from junk food.
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate, an ingredient present in most slimming products. L-Carnitine melts the fat in your body and turns the fat into energy. Say goodbye to crash dieting because whatever you eat is turned into energy instead. This ingredient becomes more useful when you are working out. You also get L-carnitine when you eat green leafy vegetables and meat.


The road to a healthy and sexier body may not be a smooth one, but with PhenQ, anything is possible. A lot of people have good things to say about PhenQ, and it is a matter of time before this brand becomes a global phenomenon.

For a whole new you, try PhenQ now. Call their hotline or visit their website to get discounts. No PhenQ coupon required to save over 50% when you buy 3 bottles!

PhenQ does deliver, and if, for some reason, you don’t see the results, you can contact them to get your money back.

Nevertheless, PhenQ is for every person who needs the push to achieve a healthier and slimmer body. With PhenQ, you will never be obese ever again.


What is the mechanism of action of PhenQ?

PhenQ works in a multidimensional way, burning fat, controlling appetite and increasing energy level at the same time. Because of the way PhenQ is aimed at core aspects of weight loss with a mix of effective ingredients, you are sure of its potency. The mode of operation of PhenQ ensures that no stone is left unturned in helping you with your weight loss.

How many pills are in a bottle of PhenQ?

There are 60 pills in a bottle of PhenQ. The pills in a bottle are sufficient for one month's use if you take two pills a day which is the usual dosage. As opposed to what is offered by other weight loss products which is only sufficient for two weeks, a bottle of PhenQ will serve you for one month.

You can also maximize the two-bottle package which comes with an extra bottle for three months supply of pills. The two-bottle package is the most preferred option amongst customers.

How long will I have to take the pills for the best result?

It is recommended, according to research findings, that one waits for a minimum of 60 days to ascertain the effect of a new habit change. Before you judge the result of PhenQ, it is recommended that you use it for at least two months.

The two-bottle and three-bottle packages give you more pills and more value for your money. The two-bottle package offers three months supply giving you enough time to ascertain the effect. The three-bottle package offers enough pills to ascertain the effect and maintain the effect.

Is it safe to continue taking PhenQ for a long period?

Yes, it is safe to continue taking PhenQ after reaching your goal. You could also stop the use of the pills immediately you reach your goal if you decide that you do not need the help. The continued use of PhenQ does not come with any side-effects. Whenever you feel like your weight loss journey is overwhelming, you can always seek the help of PhenQ without any side effects.

What are the ingredients of PhenQ?

The ingredients of PhenQ are all natural materials. We are very open about the ingredients of our products putting them up on both our website and the label of the product. Phentermine is not an ingredient of PhenQ, so you don't have to worry about getting a prescription.

How often do I take the pills?

You should take the PhenQ pills twice in a day. Take one pill with your breakfast and another with your lunch. Endeavor to take the afternoon pill before 3 pm to avoid its action interfering with your sleep, since it contains caffeine.

Can men and women use PhenQ?

Yes, men and women can use PhenQ with same results according to their life patterns.

Are the ingredients of PhenQ 100% vegan?

Yes, the ingredients of PhenQ are 100% vegan and vegetarian.

Is PhenQ suitable for everyone?

No, PhenQ is not suitable for everyone. The following groups of persons are advised not to take PhenQ: pregnant women, children and nursing mothers. Persons with medical conditions, as well as those taking prescription drugs, should tell their doctors of their intention to take PhenQ.

Does the continued use of PhenQ pose any medical threat?

We do not know of any side-effects from the use of PhenQ as research has not established any. However, it is important to consult a medical professional to be sure that you are not predisposed to side-effects by any pre-existing condition.

Will the use of PhenQ react with any medication I am currently taking?

PhenQ should not react with any medication since its ingredients are completely natural. However, it is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor about taking PhenQ before you proceed.

Is it safe to take PhenQ with oral contraceptives?

Yes, it is completely safe to take PhenQ with oral contraceptives. PhenQ will not interfere with the mode of action of your birth control pill.

Where can I get original PhenQ?

On websites such as Amazon and eBay, you could get counterfeit bottles of PhenQ. The only recommended platform for making purchases of PhenQ is the official site: phenq.com. The official website of PhenQ supports payments through MasterCard, Skrill, Visa and American Express.

Do I have to pay for shipping costs?

No, you don’t have to pay for shipping. Your order will be sent to you wherever you are at no extra cost. Orders are typically dispatched within 48 hours of the time they are made. All orders are expedited by dispatching them from the closest warehouse to the receiving destination. Orders are dispatched from our houses in three locations, UK US and Germany.

What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods available to our customers include American Express, Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards as well as Skrill. All payment transactions are encrypted with a high-level 256-bit encryption system that ensures the highest level of security.

Do you have any special offer for your customers?

Yes, our customers have several packages to choose from which include the two and three-bottle packages to give them more value for their money. With the two-bottle package, you get three bottles with one free. The discounted three-bottle package gives five bottles with two free bottles. No coupon code is required to get these deals. You can also download materials that support your weight loss journey when you make an order of any of the packages.

Can I get my money back if I’m not satisfied with PhenQ?

Yes, you can. We are so sure of what PhenQ can do that a 60-day money-back guarantee is attached to every order. If you are satisfied with PhenQ, you can ask for a refund which will be the cost of your order minus applicable shipping rates.

PhenQ Score
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Value

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